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my 2 year old doe seems to have been bred. I have a whether here, but i think a wild deer may have tapped her. can this happen. her bag is really large, that is why i think she is bred

-- steve titus (, June 02, 2002


I can't say for sure if it could happen, but deer are cousins of goats so in my opinion it's possible. Is there any chance the wether isn't really sterile? Sometimes if theyre' banded one testicle will go up and if I remember right they'd still be able to 'do the deed'. If she is bred by a deer I wonder what the kid/fawn will look like? Let us know when she's delivered , now I'm curious.

-- Kathy Aldridge (, June 02, 2002.

This maybe a 'Texas Tall Tale', but I saw this with MY own eyes . . .

My uncle claims to have bred some captive deer with a few of his goats. He was trying to get more of a venison taste with his goats. Though I did not witness the actual act, I did see the claimed living offspring.

These animals physically looked like deer, only these animals had VERY long (3" - 4") long hair along the ridge and flanks / sides that definitely resembled goat hair more than deer hide. Kind of looked like those long haired dogs that had a much more dense coat closer to the skin. This inner coat resembled deer hide to a T.

Maybe my uncle was pulling my leg, and that they were a certain breed of goat, but they were the strangest goats I ever saw. And thats all I have to say 'bout that. ;^). Draw your own conclusions.

-- j.r. guerra in s. tx. (, June 03, 2002.

Only if he kisses her first

-- romeo (, June 03, 2002.

I had a goat that was bred by a big buck deer. There warn't no offspring but it made him mean and he walked funny. Finally had to shoot him. Funny thing tho...he tasted like venison. Marty

-- Marty Stoetzle, Montrose, MO (, June 07, 2002.

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