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Okay, since Paul's getting this thing started up again so we can all keep in touch, I'm going to take the opportunity to let you all know what's going on in my little corner of the world...

As some of you know, just after Paul's party, I was scheduled to start my 4-week teaching block in my grade 6 class. Well, I finished that about 4 weeks ago, and it was VERY successful. (I miss my kids so much!) Since then, I've finally had a chance to relax and see my friends again. I purposely took a few weeks off from everything, just to clear my head, and it has worked wonders for my stress level :)

This week, I started my summer job. I'm working with my mom at the Bank of Montreal (mbanx) in the Manulife centre. If anyone else is working downtown, I'm always happy to have a lunch buddy some time. I'm also taking two summer courses, one in Children's Literature, and one Film class, just for fun. The extra-double-bonus in taking them is that I can guarantee next year will NOT be as stressful as this one was for me. I'll probably only be on campus two days a week. Yay!!!

Now, what about the rest of you? How are you doing? What are your summer plans? Let's keep this thread going!

-- Anonymous, June 04, 2002

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