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Well, I have just one more doe due to kid, any day now. So far we are running 50-50 does to bucks, I will give you the exact numbers after this doe kids. How about you?

-- Rebekah (, June 05, 2002


Hi Rebekah , It is so good to see someone post on here, I'm really missing this board and countryside.

My kidding season has been over for quite some time but I came out with 3 does and 10 bucks . Hope all yours are doing great.

-- sherry in Arkansas (, June 05, 2002.

Hi Rebekah and Sherry, yep, I'm glad to see some one posting here, too. Our kidding season was over the 2nd week in April and we ended up with 5 bucks and 4 does. I was a little concerned when the 1st doe kidded with triplets-all bucks! But I'm happy with the 4 girls and my 11 yr old daughter wants to try training the boys (who are all wethers now) to pack or pull. So, if she doesn't follow thru with her plan, we'll just eat them. They escaped from their pen day before yesterday,terrorized the horse, the calf and tore down the electric fence around the does pen before I could catch them. Thank God they didn't make it to the garden. The heat index was 105 and I wasn't a happy camper by the time I got them all back in their pen, fixed their escape route,repaired the does fence and calmed the horse down. I was definately entertaining visions of them all hanging up by their heels.

-- Judy Corwin in Va. (, June 07, 2002.

I Posted here June 2nd, I think I'm someone ? At least I used to be

-- SM Steve (, June 09, 2002.

OK, the last doe finally kidded with a single doeling. Our total for this year is 13 does and 11 bucks, from 13 dams.

-- Rebekah (, June 11, 2002.

um i got four does out of 2 does!!!!!!!

-- Brandon Loulou (, February 09, 2003.

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