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I am an instructional designer specializing in children's Bible curriculum. I have been using Quickverse, but am considering switching to another program rather than upgrading. We are also looking into electronic publishing with some of our products, but I am fuzzy on how STEP affects both my curriculum goals and the Bible software on the market. Could someone enlighten me?

-- Mysie Sabin (, June 05, 2002


STEP is used by quickverse, wordsearch iexalt, the older version of bible companion. It also used to be used by zondervan, but they are no longer publishing new products in that format.

There used to be and may still be a development kit for STEP that you can purchase.

Other publishing formats with a large user base in the bible software community are Biblesoft and Logos.

Biblesoft is the only one that offers free authoring tools to publish in their format

-- Barry Steinman (, June 05, 2002.

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