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Just tried your program, looks very good! A couple of comments/suggestions: 1) It would be very usefull to be able to find and identify duplicate files. Barring that, being able to sort the search results by size is a reasonable substitute (in my experience). This brings me to point #2 2) I can't get a click on the filesize collumn header to sort that column. Seems OK on other columns. I'm ussing release ....13 which brings me to #3 3) I dl'ed your zipped patch to release ....14. but when I try to install it (run the exe) It complains about runtime error 53 and a missing ocdbx.bmp file?????????????????????

-- Anonymous, June 06, 2002


Response to can't sort on file size

Thanks! A couple of answers:

1) I agree, that would be very useful. It's a bit tricky programming though, and I think it'll take me some time to do.

2) Uhm, I was very close on fixing that a couple of months ago but must have forgot about it... Visual Basic don't allow for a simple sort on numeric values, but it can be done, and I will look in to it again.

3) Well, you have to replace the old exe file with the new one. Simple place the zipped exe file in the application path (C:\PROGRAM FILES\OFFLINE CD BROWSER or something like that) and overwrite the old one. I hope you can get it right.

-- Anonymous, June 08, 2002

VB can of course generally sort numeric values, but when it comes to listview columns all sorting is done as if the data in the column where text. So 10 comes before 6 (and 12 before 16) and therefor I've turned it off completely. To get it right you have to use API:s and callbacks.

I study political science and economics in Sweden. I'm currently writing my bachelor thesis on relationships between capital flow deregulations and equality.

I'll try to do the sort function pretty soon.

-- Anonymous, June 10, 2002

Thanks for your quick reply! I know that finding dupes is "nontrivial", but to me it is one of the key reasons for using such a program! I appreciate your willingness to consider it!

VB wont let you sort numbers? Bizarre, no? Can you convert them to strings before inserting in the list? or is the whole file display a premade package? If sort-on-size were available I could be *very* patient waiting for the dupe finder :)

Ok, I followed your instructions for the update and it now works, thanks!

Best regards, Chuck

PS. You say that Programming is not your occupation, nor field of study. Just out of curiosity, What are you studying and where?

-- Anonymous, June 10, 2002

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