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I know for sure that my ancestors came from Stanly County and after a long and fruitless search, I'm finally beginning to find some names. If you know anything about any of the following people, please contact me. 1. George Honeycutt, b. 1798 (my gr.gr.gr.grandfather)married to Jane Elizabeth Burris. 2.Nancy R. Honeycutt, born 1822, whom I think was the mother of Nettie Brazilla Honeycutt, born 1851. NBH was my great-grandmother.

I'm also looking for info related to: 1. Solomon Robbins 1825, married to Sarah. My gr.gr.grandfather. 2. Franklin Solomon Robbins, 1856. My great grandfather.

Solomon and Sarah also had other children. -William R. Robbins, 1848 -Caroline Frances Robbins 1851 married to Robert Cagle -Martha Isabel Robbins 1853-1898 married to Noah Lawson Hinson -Sarah Robbins 1858-1946 and married to Wilson C. Furr. -George Washington Robbins 1862- married to Caroline Honeycutt [**Caroline was the daughter of Reuben George Hiram Honeycutt] (George Washington Robbins also had a spouseless relationship with Caroline's sister Beadie Honeycutt, which resulted in the birth of a child.) -Elizabeth C. Robbins 1863, married to E.E. Honeycutt -Israel D. Robbins 1869

Thank you for any assistance with my family tree. Joyce Honeycutt Holman Tchrjoyce@aol.com

-- Joyce Honeycutt Holman (Tchrjoyce@aol.com), June 07, 2002


I'm a Huneycutt descendant. My Dad's cousin, Bill Honeycutt, has published a family genealogy book and my info comes from it. H published it privately and only family members and the libraries he donated them to have copies. "Hunnicutt-Honeycutt-Huneycutt, Virginia to NC, Descendents of George Honeycutt, Sr. of Stanly County, NC, by William "Bill" Lee Honeycutt, copyright 1992. George Huneycutt, Sr was born in either 1796 or 1797 and died between 1870 and 1880. There was not a George Jr. but there were other George Huneycutt's living in the close area so the oldest was called George Sr. He married Jane Elizabeth Burris who was born 6/1/1798 and died between 1860-1870. She was the daughter of Solomon Burris and Judith Taylor. Solomon Burris was originally Burroughs but was changed when he came to NC. George and Jane Elizabeth Burris Huneycutt had these children: 1. Nancy R. Huneycutt, born 1822 2. Obedience Elizabeth "Beedie" Huneycutt, born 1826, never married 3. Girl, unknown 4. Judith A. Huneycutt, born 1830 5. Wilmith Huneycutt, born 1832 6. Solomon S. Huneycutt, born 1833/1834 7. Ambrose Ervin Huneycutt, born 1836 - my ancestor 8. Reuben George Hiram "RGH" Huneycutt, born 1839

Solomon S. Huneycutt was born in 1833 or 1834. He was in the Civil War. He enlisted 3/13/1862 as a private in Captain James A. Howell's Co 42nd Regiment, NC Infantry. He was mustered in at Salisbury, NC on 3/13/1862 and was paid a bounty of $50 for volunteering. He was killed 6/29/1862, just 3 months after enlistment. He died at Lynchburg, VA of disease. He is buried in Lynchburg, VA. He was married to Lucy Curlee on 12/16/1856. Don't know if they had children.

Ambrose Ervin Huneycutt was born probably in 1836. He married Jane Elizabeth Hinson who was born 1839-1843 (age is different in different censuses). They were married in 1859 although there weren't found any marriage records for him. Ervin was a blacksmith and a farmer and he was illiterate. He was also in the Civil War. He was conscripted into the army as a Private in Company I, 35th Regiment on 2/2/1863. He was taken Prisoner of War and he arrived at City Point, VA on 3/27/1865. He was taken to Point Lookout, Maryland by steamboat. He was captured near Petersburg, VA on 3/25/1865 and released 6/27/1865. Ervin Huneycutt died May 19, 1914. On the death certificate his age and date of birth are incorrect. His tombstone also has the wrong date of birth. Both were provided by his daughter, Sarah Joanna Huneycutt Thompson. It does say that he was a farmer, died of heart dropsy, born in NC to George and Jane Burris Huneycutt, buried in Cottonville Baptist Church Cemetery. Jane Elizabeth Hinson Huneycutt died before they began keeping death certificates and before Ervin died. Ervin and Jane had 6 children. One was born prior to the Civil War and the rest were born after. They were: 1. Alvie S. Huneycutt, born 11/11/1861 2. Alexander M. Honeycutt, born 8/11/1869 3. Sarah Joanna Huneycutt, born 12/16/1873 4. William Eli Huneycutt, born 7/25/1876, married Eva Malinda Boon - my ancestor, my great grandfather 5. Zachariah Montgomery Huneycutt, born, 6/11/1879 6. Lawrence Huneycutt, born 6/30/1881 and died 7/11/1886, buried at Rehobeth Methodist church between Aquadale and Cottonville, NC.

Reuben George Hiram "RGH" Huneycutt was born 2/13/1840. He married Margaret Melton (born in 1840 and died 4/13/1886). They had 11 children. After Margaret died he married Hollie Hinson. There were no children (she died 7/12/1932). RGH died 6/12/1912 and is buried at Liberty Hill Primitive Baptist Church just east of Red Cross, NC between Red Cross and Albemarle, NC. He was a Justice of the Peace in 1901 and 1902. He was also in the Civil War. He was conscripted on 2/28/1863 at the age of 22. He was wounded in the left arm at Chancellorsville, VA and was admitted to the Receiving and Wayside Hospital (General Hospital #9) in Richmond, VA on 5/6/1863. He was transferred to Confederate States of America Hospital at Danville, VA on 5/7/1863. He was discharged 4/10/1864 due to gunshot wound of the arm causing ankylosis of elbow joint and partial paralysis of limb. He was literate. RGH and Margaret had 11 children. They were: 1. John F. Huneycutt, born 1861 2. Solomon S. Huneycutt, born 1863 3. Caroline Huneycutt, born 1865, married George Robbins 4. Beady Huneycutt, born 1867, married J.D. Milton 5. Robert Huneycutt, born 1867 6. Catherine Huneycutt, born 1871 7. J. Millard Huneycutt, born 5/6/1873 8. Francis Marion Huneycutt, born 1/8/1875 9. Fannie B. Huneycutt, born 1877, married William I. Huneycutt 10. S. Prince Huneycutt, born 1878-1879, married William J. Page 11. Sophronia Huneycutt, born 1881, married Cephas P. Linker

You may email me for more info. -Sharon Huneycutt Harris

-- Sharon Harris (2minidogs@charter.net), January 05, 2004.

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