Bush is setting up a Police state

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George W. Bush is-- under the guise of 9-11, setting up for ALL intents and purposes, a POLICE State. Ashcroft and co. may search websites, library check out rolls, bookstore purchase info and buyer lists and now they want to do a concentration camp style number on Arab Americans.......and WHO did the GOP claim was "up to 'something'"????? Of course the environment is being shredded (quite covertly for the most part) and Global Warming was FINALLY admitted to be true but Little George told us all to Drop it, don't worry about it, it's 'too late'. The only thing it is too late for is W. Jr. believing he'll have a chance in 2004. I for one am going to contact Mr. Gore and urge him to continue the offensive (we'll let W Jr. continue to plant his own self-inflicted bumbles...) and I'll ask all my friends, colleagues etc, to do likewise and will say to each GOP I know, "What can you HONESTLY say good about W Jr. and do you actually BELIEVE any of it?" Thank you. Here's to President Gore in 2004 (Inauguration and Democratic return to power -- following theft interegnum ala Katherine H and Jeb B --- January 20th, 2005. Mark your calenders! Ken Hodges, Teacher Saratoga, California

-- ken hodges (kensnowelk@hotmail.com), June 09, 2002


The Un-Patriot Act

Yes Ken & thanks to the passing of the "so-called" Patriot Act, Herr Ashcroft can listen to any Americans' phone conversations and read our E-mails as well. So goes the "right to privacy" under the disguise of making us safe from "terrorism". It is not unusual for the Bush Administration to use the Bill of Rights as a "door mat".

-- Mr. T (workingstiff6198@yahoo.com), June 09, 2002.

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