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Spent the weekend cataloging my CDs and some new question came up. -When jumping between windows in OCDB you always need to close the window your leaving, Why? Reguardless of being in new,search or open mode your only allowed to have one of these windows open at a time, resulting in several exrta mouseclicks to switch between them. -Can I manage with the latest updatepatch on your website or do I have to download all the previous and install all of them? - In case of a crash etc. I need to backup the catalog files. Since there is no "save" function in OCDB I need to know what kind of files to backup and where to find them. Is the export function the only way to backup my catalogs? Thank you in advance. TB (PS Im now only a few CDs from a complete organised CDrom library, thanks to OCDB. It contains 70+ CDs and OCDB has really made the job easy.)

-- Anonymous, June 09, 2002


Hi Bergli.

1) I agree that the organization of windows aren't optimal. It is the way it is because this was a practical way to write the code back in the day when OCDB was much less advanced. Now it is something I have to rewrite. This is extremely hard though, to come up with a smart interface; any suggestions are welcome.

2) You only need to download the latest patch. (You can't even download the earlier ones.)

3) The indexed information (the images of your CDs) are held in .cdb files. Simply backup the cdb files and you're safe in case of a crash. The export function is for bookmarks only.

Glad you like the program.

-- Anonymous, June 09, 2002

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