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Why will a doe go to great lengths to avoid stepping in a small puddle of water, but gladly bathe her entire lower leg in a full bucket of milk??

-- Rebekah (, June 10, 2002



The amount of effort a doe will expend to do something corrolates directly with how much you don't want her to do it! Especially Nubians;-)

-- Dennis (, June 10, 2002.

Hi Rebekah, I can only assume that they have read about the benefits of milk-based bath products. You know how vain some of these girls can be!

-- Judy Corwin in Va. (, June 10, 2002.

*Sigh*. You know, if it were a medicated foot bath, she'd throw a fit....

-- Rebekah (, June 11, 2002.

They do seem to dis like water, but when push in a river or lake, they swim as well as bevers.Anyone ever see a goat swim?

-- SM Steve (, June 13, 2002.

Ha ha, I'd like to if tht doe kicks the milk all over me just one more time!! We'll both go for a swim in the pond!!!

-- Rebekah (, June 16, 2002.

Simply because the water is usually cold (around here anyways!), and didn't do anything to them, so they don't want to hurt it. On the other hamd, fresh milk is warm, and somedays it just bugs the crap out of 'em. Therefore, the simple solution -kick it. It'll go away.

-- Anna Cole (, February 06, 2005.

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