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W2000. DirectX 8.1.

Programs generally allow user to select whether they want that program to occupy full screen or be user sizable. CD Browser only seems to run in fullscreen mode meaning it is not possible for me to toggle screen modes. Any ideas?


-- Anonymous, June 10, 2002


Ever window used in Offline CD Browser is designed and coded to be sizable, so this shouldn't happen...

What happens when you try to resize a window? Is the resize button in the upper right corner grayed, or what? How about the menu option to 'Resize', is it also grayed? It shoudn't be...

I have never got a report like this before, and have no immediate suggestion for a solution... Sorry.

-- Anonymous, June 10, 2002

Ah... I think I know what it is. Probably the window is hidden outside the screen. OCDB saves the windows setting in the registry, and if you delete those setting the window should behave normal again.

1) From the Start menu, select 'Run' and type 'Regedit' and press enter.

2) In the registry editor, browse to this key (you can also use the search function to search for 'MAIN-Styling' keys):

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\Offline CD Browser\MAIN-Styling

3) Delete the whole 'MAIN-Styling' key (looks like a folder in the Windows Explorer) with all the values (in the right pane). If you find more than one 'MAIN-Styling' key you can safely delete them all.

OCDB should start up with default window settings now. Let me know.

-- Anonymous, June 11, 2002

In fullscreen mode, there is the correct resize button at the top right but clicking it causes window to disappear. I did not find any other menu button for resizing. Only way to get program back is to right-click and "Maximize" from taskbar at bottom. It is possible that this problem is something in 8.1 because this worked in previous version of your SW.

This really is a great program. I've tried most every other one on cnet and this is the most capable and intuitive. Hope you can help with these problems.


-- Anonymous, June 10, 2002

You were right. Deleting registry key did the trick! Thanks for such an accurate and timely resolution!

-- Anonymous, June 11, 2002

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