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One of my goats, Lucy, was suposed to kid in a week or two but we don't know because we just bought her already pregnant. She is a Nanny goat I am pretty sure. I have had her for almost two weeks and when I go to feed her and our other pregnant goat she will come right up and eat out of my hand and follow me around wanting more and then she will stand at the gate when I leave. But this morning She didn't walk up to me so I poured some in there pan. she still wouldn't take it so I walked up and squated down thinking she would be more willing. she still didn't take it so I through it on the ground. She ate one peice than walked off and did her #1 business. Then she ran under the shelter and hid. I don't know whats wrong. How long before kidding do they stop dischargeing? I could use some other info too. What are the signs that there about to kid? what do you think is wrong? Help.

-- Amanda (, June 12, 2002


She is probably already a mother:). Usually when they are close to kidding they will not eat breakfast. Then you watch them carefully. They will maybe have some discharge. They will paw the ground and get up and down quite a bit. If they are doing this you want to stick around. When they have heavy discharge or the water breaks it is a matter of minutes.

You should be there for the birth in case of trouble and also to do cae prevention. That is a long subject, but it is advisable to snatch the kids and raise them on heat treated and pastuerized milk.

Go to to check for goat folks in your area and keep their numbers on hand. Nice folks!

Let us know how it goes....:)

-- Doreen (, June 12, 2002.

Thanks. I need to know how to tell when they are really close to kidding. As in within a few hours or a day. Not 10 minutes when there water breaks.

-- Amanda (, June 14, 2002.

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