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I have 4 bronze statues. I have been advised that they are by an artist by the name of Le Verrier. they are signed Le Verrier. the only Le Verrier I can find on the net is Max Le Verrier, but I haven't been able to find any type of scuplting he may have done which is like the 4 pieces I have. I would appreciate it very much if you have any info to direct me on these pieces as I want to very much have them appraised and sold. Thank you. Kathy Berkeley

-- Kathy Berkeley (, June 13, 2002


Hello, as I am a collector of Max le Verrier works, I might be able to help You. Please send some pics, of which each figure must be shown once nearby, to see the patina. Pleas take shots, too of the marks and signatures. Finally, if You want by some reason sell, do not hesitate to tell me, since I will take any reasonable offer or make a fair offer myself. BR HR

-- Helmut Reitz (, August 11, 2002.

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