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Can You help me find some information on Abraham Maslow's Humanistic Theory. If possible base it on theology.

-- Tasha Janelle Patterson (, June 13, 2002


You might want to have a look at the following:

Maslow, A. H. (1964). Religions, values, and peak experiences. Columbus, OH: Ohio State University Press.

Maslow, A. H. (1962). Toward a psychology of being. Princeton, NJ: Van Nostrand.

-- Daniel J. Denis (, June 14, 2002.

In general, a good source if you're looking for a "theological" slant is the Baker Enclyclopedia of Psychology & Counseling, 2nd ed. (Grand Rapids, MI: BakerBooks, 1999). Articles include the standard information, often accompanied with critiques or comments from a Christian theological perspective--the article on Maslow has a fairly lengthy "critique." You may also find interesting material in the following articles:

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-- Hendrika Vande Kemp (, June 15, 2002.

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