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I have donne my 400 hours of school, and now i am looking for an apprentaship. I have workt as a millwright as a co-op student and love doing the job. I hade my all position welding licens. I have a riging and hoistiong tiket also.

Its bean 2 years since I whent to school and I am geting frustratid, because every whare I go the are all looking for a licensed millwright.

I hoppe you can give me some advice on how to look for a apprentaship.


Serge Brillant

-- serge brillant (squeekns@netscape.net), June 16, 2002


Serge, have you contacted the carpenters union in your area? The Carpenters Union offers apprenticeship in the millwright field. Best Wishes, Rocky

-- John Rockefeller (orgagent@carpentercraft.com), June 17, 2002.

Well for starters you can sort out your spelling because they are gonna want some one who can spell and do maths and you show no abilities of spelling what so ever i mean im just a kid but my spelling is much better than yours.

-- bob mchagen (Foo@bar.com), October 22, 2002.

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