P(aul) Philippe

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Hi, just wondering if anybody has information on or where one could find information on Paul Philippe? I have an Art Deco figure, signed indistictly, 'P Philippe', in the form of a dancing lady with a bird perched on her raised hand. I believe the figure may be spelter and what should be 'ivory' head and face. Any information greatly appreciated. Regards Arthur.

-- Arthur (offay@ntlworld.com), June 17, 2002



I'm curious as to whether you found out anything about this piece. I have a bronze woman with a parrot on her upraised hand. I think the face and hands are ivory. It is signed P. Philippe. Any input?

Thanks, Candace Avery

-- candace avery (candaceavery@comcast.net), April 13, 2004.


Sorry another question. I have a bronze of a woman draped in a tunic stnding on her toes and reaching up as if stretching. She is approximately 18 inches tall. Signed on the marble stand P. Philippe. I am interested to find out about the artist...appreciate any info. Thanks, RJA

-- R.J. Allister (rjallister@aol.com), September 11, 2004.

Hi, I dont know much about Paul Philippe, but on artprice.com there are about 150 sculptures listed partly fetching more then US $ 11,000. You might have a treasure. Good luck!

-- Carmen Zanetti (carmen.zanetti@gmx.at), November 16, 2004.

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