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I have a pygmy goat (doe) who has never been pregnant but she has enlarged full udders (especially one) I've taken her to the vet before and he "milked" her and gave her some antiobiotics. He told me I needed to breed her the next September (I'm not sure if Pygmy goats have certain seasons they go into heat like some other goats but the vet has some goats but not pygmy's. I couldn't breed her last September and she has had full udders for awhile and doesn't seem to be ill. Should I try to "milk" her udders and what is the best way to restrain her to do it. The last time we tried, she kicked so much that it took forever and was almost impossible.

Thanks, Elizabeth

-- Elizabeth Ward (, June 18, 2002


Pygmy goats can give birth and can come into heat any time of year.At least mine have.I've seen one give birth that was only 9 months old.I would think that you should be trying to dry her off. I've never seen a doe give milk that wasn't bred,so It is my guessing that she should be dried off. To milk an un-willing goat without a milk stand you might try tieing her by the collar to a post or fence. Use a short rope so she can't move too much and have someone strong hold her back legs still and milk her.Use caution as to not get kicked .

-- SM Steve (, June 19, 2002.

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