Water Well Shocking

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Two questions:

1. I have a 120 ft well with a Berkley pump - that we just replaced. The well hasn't been shocked in about two years. What is the best method for doing this?

2. The water that you can't use after the well is shocked, can it be used for watering trees?

-- Kim (chvh@telusplanet.net), June 21, 2002


Around here shocking usually involves dumping a jug of bleach into the well. i don't know what happens after that though. Sorry.

-- Alison in NS (aproteau@istar.ca), June 21, 2002.

why do you think it needs shocking?? should only need it if it has a high bacteria count

-- Stan (sopal@net-pert.com), June 21, 2002.

I think Stan is right - in real estate, we only order "shocking" when the water tests high for coliform. They dump lots and lots of heavy- duty chlorine down the well, let it sit for awhile, then run the water for 24 hours to get rid of the chlorine (very poisonous). I don't think it would be at all good for plants - may kill them.

-- Bonnie (51940@aeroinc.net), June 22, 2002.

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