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just checking to see if anyone may know the price of a milk goat,, doesnt need to be registered or anything, just freshened. ANy ideas??

-- Stan (, June 30, 2002


The last time I bought milking goats was 3 years ago,I bought an American Alpine, for $80 that gave birth a week after I bought her , to 2 doe kids, and A purebred registered Nubian for $200 who gave birth a month after I bought her,also to 2 doe kids. I've known some registered French Alpines to get sold for $300 , only to get resold at $85 dollars latter on because the person that bought her didn't find the time to care for or milk the doe twice a day.If you talk with dairy goat people often,you'll find deals like this 1 or 2 times a year.But you have to be fast as they sell quick.Flea markets that have farm animal vendors, are good places to search, I wouldn't recommend the cattle auctions unless you get there early ,before the animals go in the barn. They seem to catch all sorts of disease from the dirty and unsanitary stalls they keep them in before being auctioned

-- SM Steve (, July 01, 2002.

The general price range for a good grade doe is $100. If it is less than that you should be suspicious. If it's much more than that she should have papers of some kind.

-- Rebekah (, July 01, 2002.

We have two unregistered doe's that were only $85 for both. They are nice looking girls that were bought and shown at fair. After the show they discovered the work in keeping them. Both are good milkers and we got a deal. The others we have cost more than that each.

-- bergy (, July 01, 2002.

Forgot to mention , always try to bring someone who has had experience with dairy goats with you when you purchase them.The Alpine I've gotton for 80 dollars was luck, the guy had 65 Nubians that got bred with a young buck he thought wasn't fertile yet .It nearly killed the guy when does were giving birth all over his barn.He's learned alot since then about seperating bucks as soon as they're born.Good deals are there but they are rare .I've been offerd $150 for the alpine I paid $80 for. But she's here to stay .

-- SM Steve (, July 01, 2002.

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