Where do you buy rennet at ?

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I'm getting tied of vinegar tasting cheese and while in a Wal-mart, I asked a few workers if they had rennet.None of them knew what rennet was.Since I want to make Mozzarella cheese, I've read, others are using citric acid and lipase powder, where can these be found?I was hoping not to have to resort to mail order and pay shipping cost.Can they be found in food stores?

-- SM Steve (Unreal@msn.com), July 02, 2002


Citric acid is necessary for mozzerella, but you will also need rennet. YOu can get the citric acid at the drugstore. Rennet- unless you live in a great big city with a very special store, you will have to mail order it. You can get junket rennet in most grocery stores but this is actually more expensive since you have to use more, and it isn't all that great for cheesemaking. It will make acceptable cottage cheese. Caprine Supply or the New England cheese comany are two good places to mail order cheese stuff from. Here is the link to the latter- New England Cheese Company

-- Rebekah (daniel1@itss.net), July 02, 2002.

Thanks Rebekah, I guess I'll get it from New England Cheese Co.. I love cheese but can't stomach the stuff from the stores ,Maybe it's that cowy tasting milk they make it from.

-- SM Steve (Unreal@msn.com), July 02, 2002.

Hi Steve, you can also find a decent selection of cheesemaking stuff at Hoeggers' Supply. Call 1-800-221-4628 and they'll send you a catalog. I've found their shipping costs to be reasonable and they're very nice folks. Tell Anne that Judy from Drewryville sent you!

-- Judy Corwin in Va. (corwinsusa@netscape.net), July 03, 2002.

Thanks Judy, I'll call Hoeggers' Supply and ask for a catolog and I'll mention your name , I'm sure I'll find other things in their catolog I might need.

-- SM Steve (Unreal@msn.com), July 03, 2002.

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