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This is a lovely ceramic Flapper. She is side-facing with hands holding apart the slit of her long, gray sleeveless gown. I've had this a long time and want to find the value of it. The piece is 13 1/2" high and the marks on base are: "Goldscheider" "XX" with line in middle and circled "ureru" (looks like an umlaut on the first "r" though I think this means "sold" - not sure) "MADE IN AUSTRIA" "HAND DECORATED "6227 8 75" "2.s.f." "20" On the back of the flapper at the bottom is a signature which appears to be "Loress_l" It is stylized and difficult for me to read. I want to find out if this is original or reproduction. Thank you, Mary

-- Mary Thompson (, July 03, 2002


hi mary it is almost certain to be by LORENZL he designed a lot for goldscheider,as to value sotherbys uk have them at between $750- $850.e-mail me a photo,i might be able to give you more info

-- michael bird (, September 13, 2002.

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