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After much research, I am ready to get started on image & emulsion transfers. I currently work on childrens portraits...b&w hand tinted and want to expand my portrait work into transfers.

Goal: Largest originals to sell to family. Understand 8x10 is it, but digital enlargements are an option. Least investment for best quality.

Question: What is the most cost effective, but best quality equipment to buy?

Love the idea of Daylab Plus so can offer the 8x10 originals. This will enable me to start with smaller formats to get the technique down. Want to use the Polaroid slide processor so I can make my own slides. (money & time are and issue) What else do I need? I understand I need a film holder for the 4x5 and 8x10 formats when using the daylab?

What is the difference between the Polaprinter & the Polaroid Film processor? When using the Polaprinter, do I still need the film processor or does it process the film as well as expose it?

So many ways of going about this but I'm willing to make the investment for the long haul. Ebay is my friend!

Thanks for any & all comments, answers, help!


-- Lynne Sanders (, July 04, 2002

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