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Union Millwrights: I found this site and felt compelled to share it with my Millwright Brother's and Sister's.

Renew your patriotism and pledge your allegiance to the USA. Honor the thousands of lives taken by terrorists. These people were murdered for no other reason than for being free Americans. Our goal is to have one thousand Americans stand for every victim who fell to terror. By standing tall, you are not only honoring the victims but also sending a strong message to terrorists such as Bin Laden, Sadam Hussein and Yassar Arafat. Pending approval this list of four million patriots will be displayed at Ground Zero, NY on the one year anniversary date of 9-11

This link will take you to the site. Or Unity Ron Oliver

-- Ron Oliver (, July 05, 2002


It is the America right to freedome of speach and to pledge to a god and our country was put in for the reason. Anyone who desont belive ina god may do so too, its why America is the greatest country in the world and always will be. I think any of the judges who ruled that saying gods name should not be there, then they should not be either! They made a pledge to god and America when they were sworn in, if they belive its illegal then so is thier judgeships.

-- Gerald F. Triggs (, September 03, 2002.

I am proud to be an American! We have something special here that all other places dont have, every American is united. We are all very moved by 9/11. It was a very tragic day for everyone in America, but this will not tear us down it will only make us stronger!

-- Erica Sue Dott (, September 12, 2002.

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