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Hello everybody, my name is Fabrizio Fiorenzano. I'm Italian and I'm 37 y.o. I love photography and my dream is to become a photo journalist and to work for important Magazines or newspapers.

I think and I hope to be a good photographer for reportage. There's nothing most important in my life, a part for the family, than take pictures travelling around the world. I've been, unfortunately only for tourist purposes, in Nepal, Vietnam, Cambodia, Pakistan, Thailand, Israel, Europe.

I'm seeking from many time an editor interested in my work. I've sent my resume all over the world but the difficulties are huge!! At the moment I have not the chance to cross the world to know in person American, English or Japanese editors so, the only way remains Internet.

I'm on line at the address www.frcreations.it and I have many vistors every day coming from many parts of the planet but, until now, I've never had a positive response.

I should be honoured to know your opinions so to explain to me what's wrong in my works. I've also won a very important international award at the last International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Florence "Lorenzo il Magnifico". I'm the personal photographer of Mr. Ben Johnson the ex-canadian runner. My name is on many search engines and many sites are linked to mine. But I really do not understand why the editors are not interested in me. I hope somebody would like to tell me some useful words so to help me to understand...

Thank you very much.

-- Fabrizio Fiorenzano (fabrizio@frcreations.it), July 06, 2002

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