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This is my first kidding season and now pleasantly milking season. How do you control flies in the does stalls and around the miling stand? I rake out the stall daily, have sprinkled lime, with the does still how do you say... (in post partum recovery)how do you get them relief from flies. It is so hot here in the summer and I have as many flies on me during milking as she has annoying her. We are both kicking and swatting at the pest. I rinse the milking stand off to remove any spilled milk. Should the does be washed durring the day too? Thank you for your help.

-- Cheyenne Stallings (, July 12, 2002


I use "Off Skintastic" (the one for kids) on my milkers. Seems like whatever I've bought at the feed store for fly control is just too smelly or oily! I use baby wipes to clean udders and when I open a new container, I pour about a half a bottle of Skintastic right in and let it saturate the wipes. Now I can lightly wipe the does (and myself) before milking and have clean, fly-free does :-)!!

-- Marcia (, July 12, 2002.

I was having the same trouble with flies...what pests!

Here is a receipe I recently started using for both the horses and goats and finding it working great!

Mix together:

700ml skin so soft 1/3 bottle of fly wipe (approx. 300ml-horse wipe) 3 tbsp. Citronella (from drug store pharmsist) 700ml white vinegar 1400ml water

This is a large receipe, so if you have only goats you can cut it in half. I put it in a spray bottle and just mist it along their backs and sides. No trouble to see the relief out on the pasture once they have been treated.

Good Luck!


-- Lorna (, July 13, 2002.

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