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Does anyone know where I can find bulk kelp for a decent price? The distributor I used to use, has been unable to get it. TIA!

-- Patty (, July 23, 2002


bring a trailer when you make "the trip" for seafood,, should be able to get some there,,,LOL ! ! !

-- Stan (, July 23, 2002.

Veeeeeery funny! ;-)

-- Patty (, July 24, 2002.

Search for organic fertilizer distributors. In the 70's I used Norweigen sea kelp for gardening.It seemed like the same stuff sold in health food stores for human consumption except it was a courser ground. It sold for 16 dollars for a hundred lb. sack . Until it got popular.The distributors could probably tell you if it's considerd animal feed grade.

-- SM Steve (, July 24, 2002.

I get mine from our local garden store for $1.07 a lb. Also Gardens Alive (found on the web) carries it. I feed it to my goats every day in order to get it into the milk which I then consume. Absolutely nothing in this world makes you feel better & its a real treat for the goats.

-- Paula Hall (, March 13, 2003.

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