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I recently saw a wonderful bronze sculpture of a woman and a dog on marble with a plate fastened to the back reading:

Fidelite Par Molins

Does anyone know of a sculptor named Molins working in the Art Deco era. There is a contemporary sculptor named Patricia Molins, but this is not the artist I am trying to identify.

-- Vernon Thornblad (, July 31, 2002


Hi, I'm hoping that by now someone may have supplied you with an answer. I was in France last weekend, where I bought what sounds to me like the identical piece with the same "plate" fixed to the back of the marble plinth. I also am trying to find out any information, and so would be pleased if you could let me know if anyone out there in cyberspace has managed to give you any useful information. Many thanks, Chris

-- Chris Harrison (, October 11, 2002.

i think there must have been a scultor named molins- as i have a figurine - lady with ivory hands/face- signed on her back is "molins"

-- craig fleet (, October 16, 2004.

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