Whats with the pine Needles?

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I am new in the goat department i just got my first two and i have alot of questions but this is the biggest one.when ever i let then out of there pen they go right yo the tree line where there are tuns of different types of trees in cluding pines.the go crazy over the pine needles even the ones that have fallen on the ground and have turned oreange i just want to no if it is good for them ? if its normal for them to eat the pine needles?will it make them sick?if anybody nows any thing about this please e-mail me at sassy407Ayahoo.com.

thank you ashley.

-- ashley thornton (sassy407@yahoo.com), August 05, 2002


The pine needles will not hurt them, they have lots of vitamin C.

-- Rebekah (daniel1@itss.net), August 06, 2002.

They love pine needles and the does enjoy the pine sap black lipstick look! :o)

-- Wendy Hannum SE Ohio (wendy@skywardinternet.com), August 09, 2002.

I have also heard that pine needles make a terrific diarrhea treatment.

-- Lynn (moonspinner@bluefrognet.net), August 14, 2002.

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