OCDB's .dll have corrupted my Win98SE.

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I have just installed OCDB 3.1. After rebooting, the WindowsStart .wav plays, but then I get an alert box reading


invalid page fault in module at address 0000:00000038 etc.

That address is the interrupt vector table! How could a bunch of .DLL corrupt *that*? Well, apparently they can. It produces this error even in Safe Mode. I uninstall/reinstall OCDB, but the problem persists.

Win98 doesn't crash straight away, but I cannot recover task manager to shut down, and I can only reach for the Reset button.

Could you please give me a list of the .dll's/system files that are overwritten by your program? Also what registry entries are changed? Can I restore my registry? If I can unmake any changes and copy the old versions from my Win98SE CD-ROM, I might have a chance to avoid a lenghty re-installation.

I don't understand why this happened, either. I was using OCDB fine earlier, with a lot of other programs installed as well.

Thanks for reading. I would be very grateful for any assistance you could give me.


-- Anonymous, August 06, 2002


Hey Jens.

I didn't think about answering this on the forum as I solved Marcos problem by email. What I told Marco was:

1. I'm very sorry about the mishap. I didn't program the installation program and therefor I do not know why this error occur (and not much about how to sove it).

2. OCDB makes no noticable changes to the registry.

3. A list of the installed system files can be foudn at http://hem.spray.se/anders.peterson/ocdb_dependencyfiles.html

4. The notes at http://hem.spray.se/anders.peterson/support_faq.html has helped several users with similar problems.

I hope you get it right, and let me know if there is anything else I can help you with - I'll try to be faster to answer...

-- Anonymous, October 11, 2002

Unfortunately no answer, just a confirmation. I know at least two users, including me, that "updated" dlls cause the system to turn weird (win98se and me as well). !! Yes, I want a list of changes made by the installation program too !! to make changes undone.

-- Anonymous, September 28, 2002

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