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My goat had a really bad case of mastitus. I couldn't get any milk out at all only blood. The udder and teat have severe swelling. When you push in one spot real hard it squishes in and dosn't come out quickly. She was on penicillian (3 ml 2x daily) for 5 days. The swelling hasn't subsided. Now the teat is cool to the touch. With a red ring around the top connecting to the udder. My neighbor suggested some medicine for edema in cows udders called "Naquasone Bolus". Does anyone know about this?

Oh other symtoms include: She won't touch any feed. Browses periodically throughout the day. Enjoys kitchen scraps. Likes warm water only!

-- David Fisk (, August 09, 2002


If need advice quickly go to goatworld 911. There you can e-mail volunteers who usually respond quickly and have personal experience with a lot of goat ailments. A medicine that is infused into the udder ,I think it's called Today , is used for mastitus .My experience is limited so you should e-mail a couple of them over there so you have a better chance at a quick response.

-- SM Steve (, August 10, 2002.

I have never seen a case of mastitis this severe. You need to call the vet ASAP. Your doe could lose her udder or even die; penicillin is not always effecive with mastitis. This is more than edema. what were the conditions leading up to this; ie how often a day being milked, any kids nursing, is it possible that she was butted or otherwise injured her uddr?

-- Rebekah (, August 10, 2002.

I had a doe than developed gangrene mastitis, We treated her with LA200 intravenouly for 3 days. Your doe may not have the gangrene type if she does agressive treatment is nessacery and then she'll lose the infected side of her udder. has a good article on mastitis.

-- sherry in Arkansas (, August 11, 2002.

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