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Does anyone have any experience of using the 'motability' vehicle scheme that they would be willing to share with me. I need to make an informed decision. I have a 3mnth old baby and I need to know if it would be value for money and how helpful the whole set-up is.

Thank you.

-- Anonymous, August 11, 2002


I am a disabled parent who uses a Motability scheme vehicle. For me, the scheme is excellent as I am able to have a car that is right for me, my children (I have 3) and my powered wheelchair, and my partner. We have a vauxhall Zafira that accommodates us all and only cost 249 deposit. I think this is very good value for money when you consider that all the insurance, service and tax is paid for. OK the car is never ours but we always have a car that is right for our needs. Motability is now very good at ensuring that people who take up the scheme choose a car that is right for them- so check out a few dealers first.

The disabled drivers motor club is a useful contact for getting other people's views on the scheme - they may be contacted on 01832 734724, e mail or web site:

good luck jackie

-- Anonymous, August 13, 2002

I have had three vehicles on the Motability scheme and each time my car is up for renewal my husband goes through the whole rigmorole of making up a spreadsheet to assess which is the cheapest method: buy outright, private lease or Motability lease. Motability wins every time. You do not say what your needs are but my current car is a Ford Galaxy as it fits my 4 yr old, my baby (with pushchair), my husband and me (with solid frame wheelchair). Do make sure you are familiar with the rules (regarding servicing, care of the car, driving abroad, etc). It is not my favourite car to drive and I will downsize next time, but I woud recommend you check out the Motability website to find out more about the different vehicles that are available, advance payments and so on then check out the individual manufacturers websites. Most seem to have a dedicated section for Motability customers. Good Luck!!!

-- Anonymous, September 10, 2002

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