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i have a question for the women out there that have spinabifida who had children on their own. I just got married 2 weeks ago and my husband really wants me to try and have kids of our own...but I don't know if it would be safe...some doctors have said I could get paralized from the pressure on the spine and other doctors show no problem in me getting pregnant as long as I am careful...I have had suggestions that I should do most of the pregnancy from a wheel chair....any ideas as to my question? was it a hard pregnancy for you if you had one...the damage on my spine is right at the waiste or even a bit lower so I can walk on my own with the help of braces..

Julie Corporon

-- Anonymous, August 14, 2002


Hi Julie Did you decide to have a baby yet? I had a spinal injury some years ago so my situation is a little different in that respect. However I too was told by some doctors not to have babies, while others told me to go ahead but be careful. I decided for myself that it was something I needed to do so I prepared my body by going to exercise classes, stopping my pain drugs and starting my folic acid. Four years ago I had a beautiful baby boy and he was perfect, Two and a half years later my baby girl came along and though unplanned, she too was perfect. I know my body can never cope with another pregnancy but I have two beautiful children I would never want to live without. Pregancy was very hard for me, especially second time around, but for my husband and me it was worth it. Having babies is something only you can decide, but it sounds as though your husband is being very supporting and I guess if you didn't want children you wouldn't have posted this question. Whatever you decide I wish you all the very best of luck.

-- Anonymous, September 10, 2002

Hi Julie, I would suggest you contact DPPi (Disability, Pregnancy and Parenthood international) who run the UK information service on disabled parenting. We have articles on pregnancy and birth where a mother has Spina Bifida, personal experience articles, and practical equipment and strategies once the baby arrives etc. We would hope to provide you with the information to help you make your decision, however there is always the issue that everyone has a different experience of pregnancy and birth so nothing is quite as clear cut. I work for DPPi and am a mother of 2 who has Spina Bifida, if that helps! Ring us on our freephone number 0800 018 4730, email

-- Anonymous, September 11, 2002

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