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My wife was at a rummage sale and picked me up a Polaroid camera called "The Button" ($3). It looks like a OneStep genre. From what I can tell it was made in ca.1989 and takes sx-70 film. The alternatives to SX-70 bodies don't seem to be widely talked about, but there were other models that used SX-70 film.

-- John (, August 16, 2002



don't know about non-Polaroid cameras using SX-70 film but a good place to start for Polaroid SX-70 format cameras would be:

...and specifically:

Hope that helps, goodluck!


-- Thomas de Lellis (, August 19, 2002.

If it is an Polaroid and it takes sx-70/Time Zero film, it can be used. You can also adapt 600 series Polaroid cameras to take the film, even the current models. l

-- ljc (, August 25, 2002.

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