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This is in regards to a previous post about Iraq I think; that had an erroneous point made in regards to Albert Einstein.

(Not verbatim) Someone said (not sure who or else I would have quoted directly) that they wish that they could have "killed" Einstien for what he "done?" or something thing to that fashion.

A) This shows the extreme ignorance that some people have.

B) Albert Einstein developed the theory about life e=mc(squared). It is true that this formula was the basis for the work on the atomic bomb, but despite what the "always truthful media" has to say, he had no part of it's design. That honor goes to Oppenheimer and of course your government.

C) It is true that he was instrumental in writing the letter to FDR to urge the creation of the bomb, but this was in rersponse to the rumors and half truth that the Nazis had or was close to the development of the same item. Einstien was determined that nazism would not gain an upper hand. Seemed like there was a small problem with the nazi esteem of Jewish people at the time. (Minor details)

D) It was you blessed government that paid for it, i.e YOU with your tax dollars (should you kill yourself?) or your parents whichever.

E) Einstein was a pacifist, and believed in it fully.

F) Wrote to FDR that the bomb should not be used, unfortunately FDR died two days later and the letter was unopened.

G) The scientists wanted the bomb dropped on barren ground in plain view of the Japanese military so that they would see the futility of defending against such a weapon. They did not prevail, as history can attest. Besides Hiroshima was not a military target. (minor details)

H) Einstein was not the "father" of the atom bomb as stated by Time and the other media outlets. Oppenhimer was and of course FDR and the government. (Minor details)

I) The basic physics of Einsteins work was to find the reason for God's creation. One of teh few scientists that said in public that he believed in a creator.

J) Einstein was remorseful about writing the letter to FDR, which lead to teh atimic bomb program. Though he did not create it. He as barred from Los Alamos as a security risk by the feds.

K) Everything that you call modern technology stemed from his theory.

L) Your assertion is arrogant, erroneous and quite petty. Perhaps you should consider going back into time and wiping out the founders of the constitution for creating a document that legally has created the mess in this country that you have today. Ludicrious assessment.

M) Question: Is the scientist more guilty for making truth known or the government and politicians that use it to further their own agendas? Who is to blame, Einstien or FDR? FDR or the Government? The government or you? Shall we blame satan or god?

N) May I suggest a little more reading and less TV.

Have a day

-- jonathan (, August 17, 2002


Albert Einstien was a clerk in a patend office, I think it in was switzland . Remember, he was suppose to have failed in mathematics.It has been rumored by some that he stole the Patend ,while a clerk ,of an inventor name Nikola Tesla.It was believed to be the invention that led to the Atomic age. Tesla is the guy responsible for the type of electricity we use today called AC alternating currect. Thomas Edison was working on DC direct current .Without the backing of , I think it was The Westinghouse company ,Tesla couldn't do much with his alternating current patend. So he was hired by westinghouse ,to do nothing ,while Westinghouse worked with tom edison to perfect the direct current electricity.After many of toms failures with the DC electric , Teslas AC electric was used .Tom E. recieved the credit .Tesla was very advanced at inventing but got little reconition. It is believed by some he has invented time machines. And if you've ever heard of the Philidelphia experiment where the navy made a naval ship and the men on board phase out of this demention and when it phased back in the bodies of the navel men were infused in the ships deck .Supposingly , that experiment was done with the data that was stolen from Tesla's hotel room, that was his home , by the FBI after Tesla died .It was speculated also that the U.S. intelligence were the ones that hired patend clerk Einstien to steal the patend of Tesla's invention that led to the Atomic age. Who knows the truth ?, but if you dig up all the information on Tesla it seems clear he was very advanced at thinking and inventing and I'd think it's more likely and probable that he was the inventor that led to the Atomic age.

-- SM Steve (, August 18, 2002.

Steve, To clarify, this was to have been a response in part to a long post to the Iraqi question I think. As the server was down for a few days last week I could post it to that thread. So I am posting it as a seperate one.

True he was a patent clerk in switzerland. No Tesla's work was in the field of electromagnetics not quantum physics. Einstein theory comes with the theorum of Planck's and from wanting to know why, what, etc. the universe works. Tesla had his own establishment in Colorado Springs where he created a place that used his process of harnessing electricity. upon his death (Tesla's) the government confiscated all of his works, etc. It is believed that te works of Tesla is used in HAARP and such experiements. The Philadelphia experiment was using Tesla's work in electromagentics to produce a invisiblity screen from radar. Which produced something that they were not expecting, harmonic/disharmonic phase shift into alternating realities. Though the processes involved are not the same, it is doubtful that Tesla was working on nuclear fission, and none of tesla's works mentioned anything to do with geophysics, physics and the like. He was an electrical engineering genuis, that if the governemnt would have allowed his work to be used for the benefit of humanity, wee would have clean electricirty in such abundance that it would be free. Yes I have read much on Nikola Tesla. Einstien was a genius as was Tesla. I have studied them both and I wish I could have more on Tesla that the heresay that floats in the world. I have an extensive colection of Einsteins works including the Theories of General and Specific relativity, his own works and many biographies. The points I cited are public record, whether in video form, books or such, and can be substantiated. So unless dozens of his colleagues are on the FED pay roll and a fact that he was semi persectued by McCarthy as was many of his colleagues, I would highly doubt that he was a stooge for the fbi. Einsteins work in physics led scientist to the atomic bomb. The probelm with people is that facts are not as important as sell- ability. Planck's theories is the basis for quantum mechanics., Einstien believed in a simpler way to prove the universe from atoms to stars. So I would have to allow their works to speak for themselves. Their works except for tesla's is in print and at the library or bookstore.

-- jonathan (, August 18, 2002.

Until now I would have thought , Albert Einstien was just the first white man to sport an Afro. Thanks for the info.

-- SM Steve (, August 18, 2002.

Sorry dude, didn't mean to cause you anguish, as it sounds like I did. Your statements just didn't make complete sense to me, and had an error or two. Seeing how you appear to be of a rational sort wouldn't be offended by my correcting an error. I will however refrain henceforth; so that no hardship will accumulate upon the forum. That would be a pity, the effects of unintended consequences I guess. Have a day.

-- jonathan (, August 18, 2002.

Jonathan ,I was just jokein. I'm Interested in knowing more about Einstien and because I don't have time to research his life on my own right now , I appreciated you sharing what you know .Don't refrain from sharing your knowlege . I should have made it clear in my posting , I was joking with LOL type thing that everyone else uses after a joke.I'm very limited on Einstiens accomplishments and Tesla's also , but if I didn't make the inaccurate statement I made, about Einstien stealing Tesla's work , then I wouldn't have gotten to hear your accurate information.The afro thing was a joke. I think Einstien had a strange appearence and I myself have a shaggy unkept look also ,that some people stare at ,when I'm in public.To add another joke . It obvious Lionel Richie the singer from the Commadores ,thought Einstiens look was cool,he sported the same afro and mustache ,look. I joke on the forums even in my serious postings .I see too many people get mad or hurt on the forums , and it should be a place to come to , to get entertained ,share opinions peacefully without malice and learn .And it's hard to learn anything from anger, except to advoid it as much as possible. I've hurt a few people by my opinions on forums without the intentions of doing so , and in my attempt to apologize to them , I've offended them more . I usually don't get offended by words , it's the physical pain I 'm responsive to. keep on posting .

-- SM Steve (, August 19, 2002.

Jonathan , The part in the Einstien afro joke . Where I said "thanks for the info " , I was serious then and it was a sincere thanks .

-- SM Steve (, August 19, 2002.

Steve, I don't truly understand jokes. Never have. I tend to take things literally, except when literal is not intended. Intelligent discourse is not someplace I equate levity. Sorry. Besides I usually have most things I discuss and try to rationally prove tend to end up in the just a joking place, of which I don't know why nor understand. My fault for not seeing the joke; I guess, like always the joke is on me. I will have to research more into Tesla though. Finding accurate works of his has been difficult. Perhaps you can give me a bibiliography? Have a good day.

-- jonathan (, August 20, 2002.

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