What are the opposing viewpoints of Choice Theory?

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I am a middle school teacher who has been using the Choice Theory philosophy in my classroom. I have taught my students about it directly as part of my masters program and have been researching the topic intensely.

In my study of Choice Theory I have found it difficult finding opposition data that contradicts the Choice Theory philosophy and research. I have delved into Assertive Discipline and it has helped somewhat. Is Assertive Discipline relevant as a opposing viewpoint? Are there any other opposing ideas out there that I can invest time in? Thank you for your time and help. Sincerely, David Gunderson

-- David Gunderson (gundorama@hotmail.com), August 18, 2002


Assertive discipline does not match up with choice theory as it is external control in principle. The client must be self directed under choice theory.

Anyway why oppose a great theory just for the sake of opposing. May be it isn't opposed that much as it has few weaknesses. However, there must be opposing views and when I finish my week 1 intensive program tomorrow i will bring the point up to my facilitator.


-- Jim Lowerison (JALowerison@hotmail.com), November 23, 2002.

Skinner's theory on conditioning (operant and clasical) would be an opposing theory in that Choice Theory implies internal control and Conditioning implies external control.

-- James Richter, M.Ed. (jimbren@vipweb.net), April 29, 2004.

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