Bush/Cheney, corporate fraud, war against islam

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Bush and Cheney...this is Curley and Larry without Moe. We all know that Bush stole the presidency. Now we got to put up with corporate fraud, namely by Cheney. Cheney suger coated the books, and now the White House is trying to cover it all up by talk of going into Iraq. Which is even bigger news. Granted, we do need to go into Iraq, then Iran, then Sauder Aribia to get rid of some more arubs, but that is another topic. My fiend and neighbor got back from fighting in Afganistan (injured by stepping in a hole). He told me that they are building a huge pipeline across parts of Afganistan and there is very little fighting overall. He is not th etype to tell us that if it were not true. Before he left for Afganistan, he liked Bush, now, after witnessing the truth, he says that our Republican Whitehouse is after their own interests. He also told me that if (innocent) civilians were in the area where there was the enemy. He was told to kill them all. He said that his group laughed when a bunch of wedding party goers were killed by American fire. I know that what we hear on CNN Headline News is not what is really happening there. All I know is, if Al Gore was President, we could kill more Arubs and Islamics that Bush does. President Clinton hated Arabs too, and I know that Gore would follow suit. If I were younger, I would love to go to war and kill some Arubs. I do like seeing Arubs, Palestinians, Muslums, getting blown up on the TV! This is obviously America vs. Islam/Arubs! God Bless America!

-- Charlie Smith (chucksm@mindless.com), August 19, 2002

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