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I am seriously amazed that anyone enjoys using IBM computers---ugh! I have been borrowing one for a little over a week since my cat peed on my ibook and I lost all of that. I just find these to be about 10 times more frustrating than the Mac, and want to tell all of you that I think you have a lot more patience than I do, and I have more admiration for your tenacity since you all use these things....:)- Whew!

I want my mac back. Wahhh!

-- D'reen (, August 21, 2002


Yeah, I went and took a computer science class way back when, in order to sharpen my skills at various programs. The school used IBM clones, and lemme tell you, that was a rude awakening!

-- joj (jump@off.c), August 21, 2002.

And did you know that you've corrupted my spelling abilities? I went to look for fire information on the Florence Fire, which has been renamed. I did a search for Bisquit Fire, and google asked, "are you sure you don't mean 'Biscuit Fire' ? "

-- joj (jump@off.c), August 21, 2002.

Yeah PCs are a pain, but macs are expensive and so is the software.

You can make the PC's appearance more Macish by click and hold the mouse over the task bar at the bottom and drag it to the top. Might make it sort of eaier for you to adjust to the PC desktop. Also you can change the double click to single click in the control panel > mouse > etc. Other than that a PC is still a PC. PC are more easily upgradable than a mac. To up grade my powerbook would be almost as expensive as buying a new one, though a fast Ibook would be nice to have though. I have upgraded the PC for a few hundred and for a couple hundred more I can get a 2GH unit.

OH well.

Doubtful that tis is helpful, I just wanted to say something I guess. Have a good day.

-- jonathan (, August 23, 2002.

Well, I am getting another ibook. I'm happy about everything but paying for it, but it is loaded with programs and I'm getting it used so it is really a pretty good deal. (listen to me justify) We use Mac at work and have lots of the peripherals there. The main thing that I simply cannot adjust to is that there are all these trapdoors where you write a half a book and your finger slips and it's lost forever. Also the desktop is terribly messy...:). I borrowed this one from my boyfriend and he is happy to know he can have it back. Oh, software IS expensive, but most folks are happy to share. Thanks for the commisseration.

-- Doreen (, August 24, 2002.

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