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I tried to Install Oracle 8 on Pentium 4 machine it didn't work Some one told me to copy the soure to C:\ the rename some files and Install This time Installation over but still Database Not Available and there are problem Then he mentioned me of a patch but I don't know what is that patch and how can I get it Can some Help?

-- m arshad ansari (, August 28, 2002


I am having the same problem.What is the workaround?

Please let me know.

-- sridhar Gangavalli (, September 19, 2002.


There is known bug with pentium 4. I think there is a patch for it - patch 1507768 - available from site. The workaround is also successfully used.

1. Copy contents of \install directory on client CD to the PC's hard disk 2. Search for filename "oraparam.ini" and point all the path to the cd rom drive. For Example ../stage shoule become like d:\stage etc. Secondly there is a line 'JRE_MEMORY_OPTIONS= -mx48m' it should be changed to 'JRE_MEMORY_OPTIONS=-nojit -mx48m'. Then run the setup.exe from /install copied on your hard drive. The installtion should go fine though creattion of db and net8asst may fail.

For that you will have to modify the following files in installed oracle_home . Once installation is complete, each of the following files in the ORACLE_HOME needs to be modified:

assistants\dbca\ assistants\dbma\ assistants\ifa\ bin\ bin\ ldap\oidamdin\ network\tools\ network\tools\ owm\install\ owm\install\

Edit the contents of the above files to add "-nojit" as shown below: Command=("C:\Program Files\Oracle\jre\1.1.7\BIN\JREW" -nojit - classpath .... this is the only thing you need to add --> ^^^^^^

Cheers, Satish

-- Satish (, October 11, 2002.


I have done the changes in "oraparam.ini" file. But still I am not able to install Oracle 8i.

On my machine Oracle 9i is already installed. Is there any conflict?

Please suggest me.



-- Vishal Mantri (, September 08, 2004.

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