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I installed an Oracle Enterprise Edition 8.1.7 on a PC with Good Configuration Working fine with SQL Then Installed Forms 6i Problem is How to login to the system use/password@database what database I should mention here soem one told me @2:, @rdb;, @:, @db2 nothing Works any solutions and what is the role listener in this situation

-- m arshad ansari (, August 28, 2002


hi, If only Oracle is installed in your machine then you do'n have to give any database name.You can connect to the system only with user_name/PassWord.But As you installed Forms6i .You have to create a listener and you have to give listener name there like user_name/password@Listener_name rather service name.Or you can do one thing edit the tnsnames.ora file and make changes as per you..there will be some demo .

loke LIS=(copy from the demo and make changes). Now you van log into the datbase as user_name/password@LIS. I think this will work. bbye

-- Pijush Sarkar (, October 05, 2004.

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