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Manipulating the properties of Polaroid film into fantastic and mysterious images has become a favorite in the recent resurgence of alternative photographic processes, and Kathleen T. Carr is a master at it. Her new book, Polaroid Manipulations: A Complete Visual Guide for Creating SX-70, Transfer and Digital Prints is the first book that thoroughly explains a wide variety of approaches to SX-70 manipulation with illustrated, step-by-step procedures and a stunning collection of works by over 30 Polaroid artists and photographers. (September, Amphoto Books)

This is a companion volume to Carr’s successful Polaroid Transfers: A Complete Visual Guide to Creating Image and Emulsion Transfers, now the definitive guide to transferring these images onto alternative surfaces and enhancing them by hand coloring and other means. Polaroid Manipulations expands on these themes with more creative transfer techniques, and introduces the additional possibilities available by manipulating Polaroid SX-70 film. Carr also responds to the explosion of interest in digital imaging by including specific information for scanning, Photoshop enhancements, enlarging, and various options for printing the images digitally.

"Polaroid Manipulations" is a mother lode of new ideas for photographers and artists interested in expanding their visual vocabulary and extending the possibilities in many of the media they already work with. The gallery section of the book is instructive both for the range and caliber of work being done in this medium and for the explanations of how each artist achieves their own effects.

“Polaroid manipulations are an easy and uncomplicated way for professionals to expand their options,” says Carr, “because they are relevant to both abstract and representational forms, and the range of media extend from handcoloring to sculpture, collage, book arts and beyond.”

Polaroid Manipulations: A Complete Visual Guide for Creating SX-70, Transfer and Digital Prints, 208 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, 335 color photographs. Amphoto Books, September 2002. $29.95, ISBN 0-8174-5555-8.

-- Kathleen Carr (, August 28, 2002


The Polaroid Manipulations book is still no published. promizes it for November.

-- Marek Uliasz (, September 06, 2002.

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