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I am using SQL SERVER standard edition and as a result I have to setup my own log shipping with this edition if I am to setup a standby database. I have used the two stored procedures that came with the win2k resource kit for log shipping. One procedure goes on the primary master database, the other on the secondary(standby) database. The first procedure creates a backup of the tranaction log and and the second restores the backup of the tranaction log to the standby database. The first passes parameters from the primary to the secondary. When I run the stored procedure with the correct parameters from query analyser the whole process runs smoothly and does what I want it to, but when I set it up to run as a job.........well all that happens is that the backup of the tranaction log is created, but the restore part is failing. I cannot find any decent error message from the event log. But when run as a job from the primary server it does the part of backing up of the tranaction log , but when sql server agent tries to call the second procedure on the standby server there seems to be no response. Can anyone suggest some help???? I can do the whole process manually, but when I try to do it as a job.....it only creates the tranaction log backup and the restore fails.

-- David Mc Garry (dmc_garry@hotmail.com), September 04, 2002

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