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Grab your favorite toilet seat and hold on to the handicapped railings as tight as you can! Asylum (Brainfart Stinky-ear) is about to take you on a Useless Fact you won't soon forget! This one is about the too-soon retired summon from FF8, Quetzalcoatl. Back when the place we now know as Mexico was only partially settled, the dominant tribe in the area was called the Toltec. As many peoples do/did, they worshipped many gods, one of them called...*ta dah* Quetzalcoat! (Quet Sal Co At) This translated into "The Winged Serpent" in their language. In a strange turn of events, the Toltec were conquered by the warlike Meshica (Mexicans), and Quetzalcoat's high priest was exiled. Before leaving, he prophecied his own return in a different form to avenge himself. Think of him as a warpaint-wearing Christ with a thing for human sacrifice. So anyways, about 500 years later, Hernando Cortez from Europe showed up in Mexico with not much more than 100 Spanish troops. Montezuma (revenge), the leader of the Aztecs, suspected right away that this was Quetzalcoat, come for vengeance. His suspicions did little good, however, as Tenochtitlan, the capitol city was stormed, and the Aztecs conquered. Years after that, the fossil of what is believed to be the last species of Pterosaur was discovered. It had the wingspan of a small airplane, and appeared to be 100% carnivorous. Quetzalcoatlus was the name given. See, we're talking about Final Fantasy, and YOU LEARNED SOMETHING TODAY! Now wake up in my class! I'm not doing this for free!

*rhyme for the day*

That's the gist, class dismissed!

-- Anonymous, September 04, 2002


Don't mean take away the useless fact gig but while were on the subject of FF GF's that are in fact gods.... i'd just thought id add one of my own. as in all GF's thought there are some parodies. Such as the well known Shiva.... in game is feminine but in reality (no not your gaming consol) is masculine.. the history of Shiva is as follows

Shiva is the god of the destruction. He is represented with a third eye, symbol of wisdom, in the medium of the face and with a cobra around the neck. He carries a three-pronged fork (trishula) and holds a small percussion instrument (damaru). He sat on a skin of tiger, symbol of the potential energy. Shiva indeed represents the creative source in sleep.

Of its hair, in which a crescent of the moon is, symbol of the cycle of time, runs out Gange, crowned river of the hindouism. Its mounting is the Nandi bull which does itself the object of a worship. Shiva is a complex and contradictory character. It represents the destruction but this one with for goal creation of a new world. Emblème of Shiva is besides the lingam (a phallus), symbol of creation. It has the mi- clos eyes because it opens them during the creation of the world and the farm to put an end to the universe and to start a new cycle.

Shiva is represented in different form (the ascetic one, the yogi, the beggar...) and has, according to the texts, 1008 names (Shambhu, Shankara, Pashupati...). One of most famous is Shiva Nataraja, dancer cosmic who rate/rhythm destruction and the creation of the world. It is then represented with 4 arms. The right higher hand holds a small bell (damaru) which rate/rhythm creation; the higher left hand holds the flame of the destruction (will samhara); the right lower hand is held in a gesture of protection (abhaya will mudra); the left lower hand points towards the left foot held in the air, it shows its capacity of grace thus. Under its right foot it crushes a dwarf-demon symbol of ignorance. Its immense hair shows its capacity and it is surrounded by a circle of fire (prabhamandala).

well there ya have it.. |

-- Anonymous, September 04, 2002

wow, that's a whole bunch of wisdom, or as Nanaki would say, such a facinating story

-- Anonymous, September 04, 2002


-- Anonymous, September 04, 2002


-- Anonymous, September 06, 2002

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