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Well people, I have gazed into relaity and this is what I see.

We are being served a neo-McCarthyism ala Ashcroftism and the Bushist Doctrine of today, which is geared into making this country of the "free" (illusion) into one of properly well heeled citizens. (reality: enslaved)

Your Freedoms are gone and has been for a time it is just a matter of time before the chains become visible.

Looks like the government has finally put a wedge of division so complete that none will escape it. This wedge? Neighbor distrusting neighbor, friend freind, group against another, etc. Stalin and company would have been thrilled at the level of a free spy network on the citizen has been developed and in the usa. Lenin's and Marx's fantasy come true. Any one who disagrees with the government will be dissidents and will be summarily rounded up and "reeducated' or simply gotten rid of. Hence:

History is so unlearned, do we remember the regimes of Pinochet, Noriega, Peron? How about Brazil in the 80's all of these countries backed by the us of course had clamped down on democracy with force, many people disappeared into camps and such. How little we learn, and how much we have taken for granted the freedoms we once had. It is surprising that we don't see the similarites of governments using the "peasants" to rise up and with military behind push freedom aside for the sake of security and stabilization. Are we blind? or are we just too tired to care anymore?

freedom once lost is never regained. (Not without a fight anyway, who is willing to fight for it anymore; when everyone is scared of the "thems" and has given up personal decision to the powers that be)

Funny, it always "us" and "them". to us here it is them there and vise versa. The cycle will never end, until we stop blaming the other and point the finger at ourself and learn to walk together. but we will just point the fingers and the guns and the missiles and the jets and the war machines until all that is left is ruin and death.

Freedom is history, can we be self reliant in the days that are ahead?

It is dobtful that any movement will stem the tide of the regime to enslave the world into one big labor camp of the "elite". (nationalities are not an issue to "them", just obedience and servitude. The issue is "to serve man", on a steamy dish of slavery)

How does one stand against the tide?

One person with hand upraised clenched in a fist and the attitude I will not surrender. I will not submit to your fears, your prejudices your hatreds, I stand with compassion and truth. I come unarmed against your arms and I come with reason against your force, I come with truth against your lies and though you may destroy my body, you will not destroy my spirit.

Have a glorious day

-- jonathan (, September 05, 2002

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