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Compared to a Journeyman, what are the duties of a Foreman? Also, what kind of tools is a carpenter supposed to carry in their vehicle. I seem to remember hearing that they only need to have their apron and hand tools ---misc. other little things (i.e. no power tools) is that correct?

Thanks for any reply!

-- Annie P (, September 06, 2002


In our area foreman are working foreman which implies they would have the same tools as a seasoned carpenter. In addition, a foreman is expected to direct the journeymen on the job so as to promote good craftsmanship and production.

As to power tools... it has always been the position of this council that workers do not provide power tools of any kind. This is to protect the worker from the liability incurred should they or another be injured while using such tools. If a workmens comp case developed over an injury a possible litigation could result as to who was at fault for a faulty tool. The contractors insurance carrier could contest injury awards due to the craftworkers negligence. After all, its not the contractors fault as it was not the contractors' tool, right? Should another worker be injured using your tool you could be held liable in a lawsuit for providing the tool. Regards, Rocky

-- John Rockefeller (, September 10, 2002.

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