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All of this is coming to a head on its own. What is needed is preparation. Organization and preparation is what is needed. Survival in the wilderness skills is important. Alternative communications is important. CB radios souped up with devices and other tweaking make them almost as good as a ham radio. Stock up a little extra food. Plans for a quick move to Mexico or Canada are important. Learn a little Spanish or French. You can hide out in a foreign country longer and safer if you speak and read a few key words in their tongue. Go on a trip to Mexico, just to get a feel for it. Study a little boxing, or unarmed martial arts. Obtain a little extra ammo for 1 or 2 rifles and pistols. Try bartering for ammo and firearms; it leaves less paperwork. You don't need a lot of hardware. Too much is a liability when using guerrilla tactics. You need speed and mobility. You are not going to take on regular military troops. The Viet Cong tried it, and we killed a million of them, literally a million. Firearms may keep civilian law enforcement officers at bay, for a while, long enough to execute plan B, but other than that, they are of limited value. Obtain an international drivers permit using your brotherís name, or your sisterís name, or your maiden name, or just spell your own name differently. If you are captured, you can always claim it was a typo, or clerical error. Put in a change of address at the Post Office, but don't actually move to a new address. Have your mail delivered to a P.O. box in another part of town, or in another town. It does not take much to frustrate these police-state ass-holes. Have fun. Buy air rifles/pistols and practice with them, often. Do a little jogging several times a week. Join the Orienteering club, or start one. Go backpacking in the hills/woods/desert/or wherever, two or three times a year. Organize with other groups. Have weekly meetings. It is not necessary to come to any conclusions, just discuss various topics and take notes. Get involved with city government. Those contacts could buy a little extra time when the bottom falls out; time enough to leave the area, or execute some other plan, like go to Mexico or Canada. Buy a few gold and silver coins. In a money collapse, they could buy time, transportation, goods, services. All of this could be fun, like a game. Oh, yes, and go to church. I've done all of the above. God Bless, jack

-- jack . (jackservant@msn.com), September 06, 2002.

-- jack . (jackservant@msn.com), September 06, 2002

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