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Hi, We just acquired two Nubian goats male neutered and dehorned. I live in the city but have a really large back yard that is almost covered in black berries. I really dont know much about goats so thought I would try this for some quick answers since I already have them.... 1. I have them behind an electric fence. Do I need to lock them up at night or should they be free to go in and out of their shed? The shed is metal so will it get electrified if struck by lighting? 2. What should I feed them? Can they live on the black berries and bushes and trees in my yard? 3. Do they need anything else to keep them healthy? 4. will I need a door on the shed this winter? I live in Vancouver WA

-- Deborah klugman (, September 06, 2002


My wife is standing behind me having a cow. She said: pick the blackberries & sell them, get rid of the goats and save money. She is one to talk, ask her to sell our two withers we use with our weaning kids, and who was down playing with the kids this morning. You will love your two Nubians they are as bad as a baby. #1 electric fence will work fine, and the odds of lighting hitting is slim. If your worried put up a ground rod. #2 Look at a bag of Goat feed. We are lucky that a local ground horse feed can be made the same and is much cheaper. Our two withers get around a pound a day. (3/4 scoop tomato juice can) a flake of grass hay & plenty of brush. A little feed with what you have should work fine. You can ask your feed store or Ag extension office. Watch their body condition. We like ours fat and tend to over feed. We don't have doors on any of our buildings, but we are in the Illinois. I hope some of this helped. JUST SIT BACK AND ENJOY God Bless

-- bergy (, September 07, 2002.

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