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I don't have a copy myself yet, but another CDR they sent me was good.

*START* Traqueto records new release: MARZURAAN have just put out a new CDr entitled 'Mammuthus' on Traqueto Records. 100 copies are available at 3.50ppd and have been professionally pressed with full sleeve it looks mint! There are 5 tracks with a duration of 70 minutes!! Musically it is extreme feedback ridden hardcore doom drone. Similar to a continuation on the themes laid out by bands like Earth, Corrupted, Melvins or Sunn....but this shit is done entirely by two bass players, NO GUITARS OR DRUMS! So as you can imagine it is heavy shit! The more ambient/atmospheric and shortest track 'Hibernation Kube' is available for download on the Traqueto site. *FINISH*

-- Anonymous, September 07, 2002

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