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I wonder if anyone here has actually tried one of the herbal mixes I've seen offered that are supposed to cure, or at least help to put into remission, CL and CAE?

Curiosity got the better of me so I decided to find out for myself if there really could be a natural cure for CL and CAE. A quick trip to the local slaughter goat sale this past Saturday provided me with Candace, Andrea, Elinor and Vivian, my new CAEV positive does. *grin* Candace, Andrea, and Elinor are (were?) registered Nubians, am checking to see which breeder has this herd prefix. Vivian looks like someone's Nubian had a one night stand with a Spanish buck. All four have the most swollen knees you've ever seen, poor things, and Andrea's knee pads are non existant.

As soon as the lab returns their bloodwork so I can confirm they were all CAE positive, I'm going to start them on the herbal mix that 7M Farm offers for CAE positive goats. My fingers are crossed that this stuff really does make a difference, but the skeptic in me says it won't do squat.

Regardless, I would like to hear suggestions from anyone who is familiar with maintaining a CAE infected animal regarding ways to make their lives easier and reduce their stress. Obviously the less stress they have, the more effective any type of treatment would be. Andrea doesn't lie down, but spraddles her legs wide and sleeps standing up. Would making an area with extremely deep bedding provide her with a comfortable place to lie down, or is it the joint pain caused by bending the knees that prevents them from lying down? The others will find a spot to lie down but I'm worried about her. She's eating and appears in good health, but I know those knees must hurt. =(

Any suggestions are appreciated. Krista

-- Krista (, September 10, 2002

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