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I just won a vivitar slide printer on ebay. I want to make emulsions and transfers and use the sx-70 but also the peel apart film. Should I buy a propack or a daylab and if a daylab what model? Does the daylab 300 work, well or not so well? I'm also confused as to what the slide printer does and if I have that what I don't need in a camera. Thank you so much if you can answer my questions. ~ Melanie

-- Melanie Aronson (, September 10, 2002


The Vivitar Slide printer will print your slide images onto peel apart film - then you can make transfers and emulsions. You cannot use sx-70 with a Vivitar. You do not need a Daylab unless you want to use different size film, mkae sx-70 manipulations or have a few extra options not available on the Vivitar - however the bases for each of the different techniques costs $300.00+ each. You do not need a Propack if you have a Vivitar unless you want to go out "in the field" to do transfers, but that could entail taking a lot of other equipment. So - unless you want to do bigger transfers, your Vivitar slide printer is all you really need - at least until you get hooked and wish to do more and

-- ljc (, September 30, 2002.

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