What film is currently used in Polaroid 250?

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I am new to image and emulsion transfers. I just purchased a Polaroid Automatic 250 Land Camera. The instruction book says to use Polaroid Film Type 108 for color and Type 107 for black and white. Does Polaroid even make these films anymore? I can't find them on the Polaroid website. Do people use 669 instead? I wish I could find a site that straightens all this out.

-- Cathryn Bolen (cathryn.bolen@netxv.net), September 13, 2002


Oops - accidentally sent my previous answer before I finished it. Type 108 and 107 are older film names, that have been replaced. 107 has been replaced by 667, 108 I think went to 668 and then 669. Anyway, 669 should work fine in that camera.

-- Peter E.V. Allen (artstove@hotmail.com), October 28, 2002.

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