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I am using NHB to backup a whole drive (one of my data drives) to another drive of the same size. After NHB runs and it generates a report something called Backup Report that reads as follows:

68,832 files (9,677,359,230 bytes) were scanned for updates. 350 files were successfully backed up. 0 files were successfully deleted from the backup archive.

98 directories were successfully created. 0 directories were successfully deleted. Backup procedure time consumption: 1 minutes and 0 seconds

Do you want to see detailed information?


Then when I click yes to see detailed information and look at the NHB Report, in the "Failed file operations:" section I get five lines as follows:

Failed file operations: 0 entries.

NOTE: Backup of 'F:\' failed: Number of files on source: 22944 Number of files on destination: 24272 Number of bytes on source: 3225786410 Number of bytes on destination: 3367148372

So my question is 0 entries, but five lines with the first one say that the backup failed. Looks as if everything went just fine. What failed? I feel like I missing something.

Thanks in advance for your responses.

-- Anonymous, September 14, 2002


Hey RJB.

Yes, I get that message as well. I'm ignoring it. But NHB is categorising it as failed backup run since the number of bytes in the source folder don't match that in the destionation. I don't know why they don'y match. I wouldn't worry though, it's probably some kind of program error (and not a really failed backup).

-- Anonymous, September 22, 2002


Thanks for the reponse. It's reassuring knowing that it is only a program error. I had made that assumption myself, as I could not find any problems with the backup, but it's nice to have that confirmed.


-- Anonymous, September 22, 2002

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